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car suspension repair

Signs your suspension needs repair and DIY tests

Do you need car suspension repair?  The vehicle suspension system connects the frame and chassis to the wheels. Its main function is to absorb energy while you drive. Worn shocks, struts or suspension parts directly impact the smoothness of your ride and control of your vehicle. This can be particularly dangerous when turning or stopping so pay attention to any telltale signs.

There are many signs that tell you it’s time to fix your car suspension. If you have been driving your car for a long time, you’ll know if the ride is less smooth. You may feel more bumps, shakes, and squeaks on the road. There are different signs that pinpoint what is faulty. For example while turning the wheel, if you hear a creaking noise, the issue may be a lower ball joint. If you hear a knocking, the issue may be a sway bar link. If you hear a clunk while going over a bump in the road, the coil springs may need replacement due to wear and tear.

Uneven tire treads are another sign. The tires should wear evenly. Also, the gap between the top of the tire and fender should be even on each and every wheel. 

While driving apply the brakes abruptly. If the nose of the car dives, Houston we have a problem. Furthermore, if you hear a clunk from the front as you brake, the control arm may be faulty. 

Another visual test you can do is look for rust around the bolts and fasteners that secure the shocks or struts. If you can jack the car up you can also look for cracks or tears in the bushings underneath. Car bushings reduce the friction between the metal components. They look like black rubber donuts.

The vehicle may have issues with front suspension, rear suspension, or both. A bounce test should be done on the front and rear of the car. While the car is parked on a flat surface bounce it with your body weight a few times. The car should only bounce once. 

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It is best to have a experienced mechanic test drive the vehicle and evaluate your car’s  suspension system. European Motors has the experience and the diagnostic tools for BMW Mini, VW Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Jaguar, and Fiat. They are familiar with many different types of suspension configurations on European cars.