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Do you find it hard to trust typical car repair shops with your Lexus? Are you looking to hire someone that specializes in luxury vehicles? If so, then you will want to learn more about how to find a trustworthy Lexus mechanic for your needs.

As you might imagine, properly caring for and maintaining a Lexus is a bit different than the average car. For example, it has a world-renowned fuel system that requires more specific attention to thrive.

See below for several tips on how to find a Lexus mechanic that you can depend on for many years to come.

1. Online Reviews and References

If you’re looking for a reputable auto repair shop that can treat your Lexus with love and care, you need to perform a bit of research beforehand. Doing so will ensure that you don’t waste your time and money on services that aren’t worth the investment.

You need a way to take a peek behind the curtain before you drop your Lexus off at the shop. Thankfully, you can use online reviews and references as your guide.

Finding online reviews is simple. You can either search for the business on Google and read through the Google My Business reviews or read through the client testimonials on their website (most shops have this).

Be sure to read the comments that the reviews and testimonials contain. What did the clients enjoy about the shop? Did they mention any specific names? Would they recommend the shop to others? What kind of car do they have? How long have they been going to that auto shop?

If you still need a bit more insight, then ask the auto shop for the contact information of some of their satisfied customers. That way, you can ask them a few questions directly to make sure the auto repair shop is equal to the task.

2. Set a Budget

If you’re looking to get high-end service on your Lexus (as you should), then you should expect to pay a little more for repairs and maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean you should simply pay whatever the shop tells you to.

Start by creating a budget before you reach out to schedule a repair. How much can you comfortably pay towards the Lexus repairs that you need? What would be an unrealistic price?

You can reach out to the auto shop to learn more about the cost of their services. While some will depend on several different factors, they should be able to give you a quote for oil changes and such.

Having a budget will hold you more accountable. If the repair that you need is out of your monthly budget, ask the shop if holding off for another month would damage the car further. If so, then you can adjust it as needed.

Trustworthy Lexus mechanics are happy to accommodate your budget in different ways. In some cases, they can switch out certain brands to lower the price.

3. Build Your Knowledge

It’s always advantageous to grow your knowledge about Lexus and the common maintenance needs that their fleet has. This can help you understand what tasks you should never try to do by yourself and, instead, leave to the auto repair expert.

Such tasks include replacing your car brakes, repairing the full system, trying to fix an overheated engine, or trying to replace the timing belt. 

Lexus cars are built with ingenuity, which means they require a knowledgeable mechanic to carefully fix. By educating yourself, you can assess the issue that you’re having and contact the mechanic right away if the problem persists.

The worst thing you can do is continue to drive the Lexus without getting it fixed.

4. Give It a Test Run

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it on a test drive, why do any differently for the Lexus mechanic that you’re looking for?

If the auto repair shop’s online reviews are glowingly positive and they seem to be friendly and helpful on the phone, there’s only one thing left to do: give them a shot!

Go into the first appointment with an open mind. What do you like about their service specifically? Do they seem informative? Are they good at explaining what repairs you need and why the repair will cost what it does?

5. Find Great Customer Service

Customer service is everything in the car repair industry. You want someone that you can bring your Lexus vehicle(s) to for a long time to come.

For that reason, you should focus on finding a shop with a great reputation for customer service. We’ve served thousands of customers on Glendale Blvd for 100 years! There aren’t many other auto shops in the LA area that can make that claim.

Find a service that has a customer-first mindset. Someone that answers your questions and takes the time to talk you through different solutions, rather than using a “my way or the highway” attitude.

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Now that you have seen several key ways to find a trustworthy Lexus mechanic in Los Angeles, be sure to use this advice to your advantage.

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