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This place takes customer service to another level. My car battery went out when I was at 365 and I noticed the mechanic shop across the street. When I called over I spoke to Mark and he could tell I had no idea what I was looking for so he ran over to help me out. Immediately I was like lets just buy a new battery and he insisted that he test it first so I don't waist my money. He tested my battery and explained to me how my battery works and what to look for next time. I ended up needing a new battery but was blown away by Mark's honesty and not trying to make a quick sell. Mark and his team get major brownie points for winning me over today.  Thanks European Motors!


Where is the location of the car battery?

The location of your car battery terminal depends on the vehicle year, make, and model. For example, the BMW 3 series car battery is located in the trunk. Some models of Mercedes-Benz has the car battery located under the driver's seat. See the owner's manual to pinpoint the location for your vehicle.

Having a dead battery can be very frustrating and seems to always occur when you have somewhere to go. A quality car battery should last around 4 to 7 years. When you purchase a new car battery it is a good idea to inquire about the warranty.

In addition to having the appropriate tools, there are several steps a professional mechanic takes to install a car battery.

First, a temporary battery source is used to protect the potential loss of learned memory. Car batteries have a negative and positive cable. It is important to remove the negative cable followed by the positive cable. Once this is complete the old car battery can be removed. Before the new battery is installed the wiring should be inspected for corrosion. If needed the wiring may need to be replaced. Next, the new battery is installed into the battery post, and anti corrosion material is applied to the battery terminals. The positive terminal is reconnected followed by the negative terminal. For many European cars such as BMW, Audi, VW - battery parameters need to be programmed with PCM scan tools. Finally, the vehicle is started and the charging system is tested and compared to OEM specs to confirm successful recharge. 

It’s not recommended to install a car battery yourself especially if you have a modern car. There are several issues that can be problematic if the car battery replacement is not done properly - loss of learned memory and damage to sensitive electronic components.

Your car battery is a energy storage device to initiate power to the starter motor, ignition system, and fuel system. Once your car engine is running, the alternator supplies power, and recharges the battery.

A new battery has specified capacity defined in cranking amps rating. As your battery ages the rating decreases. Eventually the rating will fall below threshold and fail to start the car.

Car Battery Installation in Los Angeles

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