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Independent Fiat Repair in Los Angeles

Are you looking for Fiat Repair in Los Angeles? Perhaps you would like to stop going to the dealership for service, but have yet to find a trustworthy independent Fiat mechanic. European Motors on 2511 Glendale Blvd in Silver Lake, is equipped with the latest tools and know how to fix and service modern Fiat cars.  Common issues with Fiat include:

  • Oil engine leak
  • Replace valve cover gasket
  • Rear shocks bottoming out
  • Replace strut assembly
  • Transmission left and right axle boot leaking
  • Replace axle shaft
  • Failed smog check
  • Check engine lights
  • Fiat AC Repair

Best Los Angeles Fiat Mechanic for Fiat Repair & Service

I am glad I took my Fiat to European Motors, they did a great job, explaining everything with great competence. And, very important, they are honest. I had a great experience, Vicente made me feel very comfortable from the moment I stepped in, I strongly recommend this business to everybody!!!


My Check Engine Light is on

Whether you have a Fiat 500 or Fiat 124 Spider your car's computer needs to be scanned to see if its safe to drive. Check engine lights mean your vehicle is emitting unacceptable levels of pollutants into the environment. Your fuel efficiency is suffering and your car may be in jeopardy for major component damage. It's important to seek professional help. One possibility is that the check engine light detected a low voltage battery. Perhaps your battery was recently dead. In this case we will clear the codes as this shouldn't cause alarm.

Lastly, a must see for all Fiat car enthusiasts

Fiat is the iconic Italian city vehicle. Nobody embodied the sophistication and Italian style more than Fiat's leader leader Gianni Agnelli. For a historical and entertaining look at the glamorous world of Fiat’s head, check out the HBO documentary "Agnelli".  A larger than life figure who led Fiat throughout the second half of the 20th century. Agnelli had relationships with world leaders, heads of Industry, and Hollywood elite. A must see for car enthusiasts interested in the history of Fiat and Italian culture.