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Our Land Rover mechanics are ASE certified.

Land Rover Check Engine Light

If you have a Land Rover from 1996 to present, it is equipped with a check engine light located in your vehicle’s dashboard. The computer that operates your Landy’s engine monitors data that comes in from various sensors and control modules. When there is an oddity it will register a fault and store a diagnostic code in the computer which triggers the check engine light. The check engine light indicates anything from engine or transmission issues to gas leaks.

Land Rover Intake Valve Cleaning

Landies with a GDI 3.0 or GDI 5.0 have been getting carbon deposits in the intake values. There is a design flaw with Direct Injection engines as the injectors are positioned in the combustion chamber, never passing the valves. Thus your Landie may get carbon build up and need intake valve cleaning with a walnut shell blaster machine.

Land Rover Oil Change Service

We use Liqui Moly Special Tec LR 0W-20 synthetic motor oil, specifically approved for Land Rover. The oil is low viscosity which means it’s a thin motor oil. Thin oils maximize engine performance, reduce consumption and car emissions.

Land Rover Brake Repair

Car brakes are made up of a system including calipers, brake pads, rotors and sensors. When you want to stop you push on the brake pedal which pushes a caliper that squeezes the brake pad into a disc shaped unit called the brake rotor. Brake sensors monitor the wear and tear of the brake pads and will ignite a brake light indicator if your brakes need service. Not all brake pads have a corresponding sensor so be cognisant to any signs that your brakes need repair.

Land Rover Suspension Replacement

The Land Rover suspension keeps your ride smooth and gives you the driver control of the vehicle. If the front or rear shocks wear this can be particularly hazardous when turning or stopping. Vehicle rollover occurs when you lose control due to worn suspension. 

Land Rover Timing Chain Service

If your Land Rover or Range Rover timing chain fails, the engine will stall. If the timing chain is broken, your vehicle will not start and have to be towed to the auto repair shop. Timing chain replacement is a comprehensive job and very time consuming. Replacement includes removal of the timing cover, timing chain tensioner, timing chain, and timing chain guide rails. These are all replaced during Land Rover timing chain service.

Land Rover A/C Service

The Land Rover air conditioning system is made up of several components that work by removing heat created by the vehicle’s engine, in addition to adding cool air to the car’s cabin. Pinpointing which component failed or any leak is completed during an car air conditioning diagnostic.