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mini cooper oil change

How much does an oil change cost on a Mini Cooper?

Mini Cooper Oil Change is the sum of:

  • Cost for the amount of oil your Mini holds in quarts
  • Cost for the oil filter
  • Cost for the drain plug washer
  • Cost for disposal waste fee for used oil
  • Cost for Labor

Total cost ranges between $90 and $115 for the oil service at European Motors on the east side of Los Angeles.

5 reasons to have a Mini Cooper Oil Change at European Motors

  1. European Motors in Silverlake uses German made full synthetic Liqui Moly motor oil. This oil is tested and approved by Mini.
  2. The car mechanics are specifically familiar with Mini Cooper cars and have ASE certification. No need to search google for Mini Cooper mechanic. 
  3. Along with your oil change a free inspection will be completed. 
  4. This family business offers reasonable rates.
  5. European Motors has been in business since 1975

Should I only have my Mini oil change done at the dealer?

It is not required to have oil changes done at the dealership. In fact, the federal government passed law that denies any car dealerships from denying warranty service because routine maintenance was performed at an independent auto repair shop. Read more about this here, FTC Consumer Information.