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When last did you schedule a land rover oil change? If you cannot clearly remember, you are being unfair to your engine, and you need to start thinking, “where can I get a land rover oil change near me?”. Engine oil is like the blood of the car and works best when it is clean and fresh.

Ideally, most manuals advise that you change the oil after about 5000-7000 miles. However, relying only on mileage covered to know when to change the oil is not always 100% safe.

Driving patterns and the type of oil used could call for an oil change before exhausting the recommended miles.

Luckily, there will be some surefire signs that your Land Rover needs new oil soon. Here are the warning signs that it is time for an oil change service for your Land Rover.

Loud Engine

One of the main roles of engine oil is to lubricate the engine parts. For this reason, when the oil is thick and old, the metal-to-metal contact of the engine parts increases, thus causing sounds from the engine.

It also means that there is no protective layer between the engine parts, which causes friction. The friction of the engine parts causes noises and damages the engine. You will mainly get these noises when starting the car.

If the noises go away soon after the car starts, you are not so late on changing the oil. However, you still need to do it soon. On the other hand, if the noise continues after about 30 minutes after you start the car, you are about to manifest serious engine problems.

Thankfully, it is possible to prevent these engine havocs by changing the oil. Therefore, get the oil changed to save your engine and stop the engine’s knocking, roaring, and rumbling noises.

The Oil Is Dark, Dirty, and Has Changed in Its Consistency

Clean oil is usually honey brown or amber. As the oil stays in the car, it changes its color due to the debris collected and starts turning dark. If the oil in your car is dark brown or black, it may fail to lubricate the engine well, thus need to change it.

You can confirm this color using the dipstick where you remove it and wipe it clean. You later dip it again, and if the oil on it is not transparent, it is time to change it.

The best way to confirm this is by checking if you can see the dipstick through the oil. If not, then replace it.

Additionally, check the consistency of the oil using the dipstick. If the oil is smooth, it is safe to continue using it for a while. Otherwise, replace it if it is thick and gritty.

Repeat the process of checking the oil at least once a month so that you are not late to change it. Moreover, always ensure that the engine is cool when checking oil color and consistency for accurate results.

There Is a Burnt Oil Smell Inside the Car

What is the smell inside your vehicle? Do you have a pungent and burning odor regardless of the car air fresheners that you use? If yes, it is possible that the engine is overheating, thus the burning smell.

The engine overheats when there is inadequate oil to help regulate its temperature. Additionally, when the oil is too old, it can’t maintain the ideal engine temperature.

For this reason, this is a sign that you need to renew the oil to keep the engine from overheating.

Moreover, the burnt oil smell could also mean that oil is dripping on hot parts of the car. Dripping oil means that the oil in the car is inadequate, which could cause trouble on several engine parts.

Therefore, change the oil to prevent the burnt oil smell in the car and preserve your engine.

Exhaust Smoke and the Engine Light is On

Clear and almost invisible smoke from the exhaust is normal, especially when it is cold. However, if the smoke becomes white, gray, or blue, this is a sign there is something wrong with the engine.

The piston rings in the engine are probably damaged due to low oil, and they start leaking oil into the combustion chamber. Additionally, this could indicate more problems with the engine.

In case of such low oil levels or other problems with the engine, the dashboard engine light should turn on.

This light can turn on even before you realize other signs like exhaust smoke, among others. If the warning light is on, don’t hesitate to have your car checked for oil levels to prevent the problem from getting worse..

It Has Been Long Since Your Last Land Rover Oil Change Near Me Appointment

As mentioned earlier, checking the miles traveled alone is not enough to tell when it is time for an oil change. However, this is still one of the most reliable signs.

Most mechanics recommend the 3/3 rule; that is, change the oil after 3000 miles or every three months. For this reason, if you are way above the 3/3 rule, have the oil changed even if there are no other signs that it is time to change.

The chances are high that these signs will start manifesting soon, and it could be too late to change the oil then. Remember to change the oil at least twice a year, even if you rarely use the car.

The oil loses its quality even when the car is not moving, thus necessary to replace it. In a gist, if there are more than three months since you last changed your oil, schedule an appointment soon regardless of how much you have used the car.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Ignoring the signs that it is time for an oil change will cost you thousands of dollars down the road when you have to repair the engine.

For this reason, as soon as you realize any of them, don’t hesitate to book a land rover oil change service. Get in touch with European Motors for synthetic oil change services, among other auto services you may need.