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Car Suspension Repair Los Angeles

Signs your suspension needs repair and DIY tests Do you need car suspension repair?  The vehicle suspension system connects the frame and chassis to the wheels. Its main function is to absorb energy while you drive. Worn shocks, struts or suspension parts directly impact the smoothness of your ride and control of your vehicle. This […]

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Getting Your Car Road Trip Ready

2 to 4 Weeks before you go: Check the Glovebox. Make sure your owners manual, proof of insurance, and registration card are present and easily accessible. Check the tires. Get a penny and slide the penny’s edge with Lincoln’s head pointing down, in one of the grooves of the tire. If you can see the […]

Car Maintenance Los Angeles

Should I Keep Car Maintenance Records? Los Angeles Car Care Tips

It pays to know your vehicle history Looking to save money on car maintenance in Los Angeles? It pays to keep excellent records of your vehicle history. Just like a Doctor keeps records of your weight, blood pressure, and past medical issues; it’s smart to take a similar approach to gauge the health and maintenance […]