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Mercedes Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

My Mercedes Check Engine Light is on?

why it’s important:

Your Mercedes check engine light is an indicator that something is wrong with your car. It may be something minor so don’t assume this will lead to a costly repair just yet. This blog article will give you some background info to what’s going on with your vehicle, and hopefully, provide some peace of mind.

background info:

Your engine is the most costly part of your Mercedes but a check engine light indicator does not necessarily mean there is an issue with your engine. Your MBZ check engine light is an indicator that gauges the amount of pollutants your vehicle is emitting into the environment. There are many variables or components in your car that can lead to exceeding the emissions threshold. Some of the common ones include issues with your gas cap, oxygen sensor, spark plugs, coil packs, catalytic converter, or mass airflow sensor.

what you need to know:

My Mercedes had the check engine light go on. I just want to know if it’s safe to drive?

If you put gas in the car and you don’t have the gas cap on tight, the check engine light will come on. So that’s not serious and you are safe to drive.

But you want to make sure the issue isn’t engine related as you can cause more damage to the engine by driving it. The symptoms you want to look for include:

  • Car not running smoothly
  • Car is chugging
  • Car not accelerating
  • Car is shaking when you stop at a light

So if it’s not doing those things you’re probably okay to drive it but you should definitely have the vehicle scanned by mercedes repair mechanic. You may need to replace a small component which will improve the automobiles gas mileage efficiency and control emissions.

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